Republic of El Salvador

Picture : El Salvador
: San Salvador
: +503
: 21 041 km²
: textiles, leather, pharmaceuticals and machinery, agriculture, giant shrimp.
: 6 427 479 hab. (2019)
: US dollar
: Spanish
: The main exports are coffee, sugar, shrimp, textiles. Export products also include household appliances, bathroom accessories, footwear, medicines, leather, integrated circuits, computer components, televisions, metal furniture, among other products.

El Salvador is a small Central American nation. It is known for its beaches on the Pacific Ocean, surf sites and mountainous landscape. Its Ruta de las Flores is a winding road that passes through coffee plantations, tropical forests with waterfalls and cities like Juayúa, with its gastronomic festivals every weekend, along with Ataco, where there are joyful murals. The capital, San Salvador, with volcanoes as a spectacular backdrop, has several museums and the National Theater.

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